Welcome from the Principal

It is a privilege to be entrusted with helping in the education of your children during the most important early years of their lives. We have a common purpose in ensuring that the transition of your child from home to School is a calm and happy experience with the confidence that leads to success. Your child’s educational process can never be completely successful without your active co-operation.  You will be most welcome in our school to discuss matters relating to the development of your child. Please phone 01-8450061 for appointments.

Brief History and General Information

The red brick school was built in 1856. Originally it catered for all the four to seven year old children in the Parish of Malahide.

In 1956 the white Infant School was built.

In 1985 our present school was built combining the old “Red School” as it was known locally and the white Infant School.

In 1996 the Parish of Malahide was divided and the new Parish of Yellow Walls was constituted. St. Sylvester’s Infants School is now in the new Parish and the children transfer from here to Pope John Paul II Senior School.

In 2007 five extra semi-permanent classrooms were built and two extra special education rooms.

St. Sylvester’s School caters for children from Junior Infants to 1st Standard. Many parents will testify to the merit of having a school devoted entirely to this young age group. St. Sylvester’s School is one of only nine Infant Schools in Ireland. The entire school ethos reflects this young age-group.

We are proud of the fact that we have built an excellent reputation for early education where the needs of each child are given thoughtful consideration.

Our school is one of the most tastefully designed and well equipped Infant Schools in the country – situated beside the beautiful Malahide Castle grounds which provide us with interesting nature walks and sports facilities.

School Staff 

There are fifteen experienced mainstream teachers on the School Staff, six experienced Special Education Teachers, and one English Language Support Teachers each highly qualified with a special aptitude for teaching young children.

In addition to the teaching Staff we have a School Secretary, a Caretaker and a number of Special Needs Assistants (in accordance with Department of Education and Skills regulations).

The Principal is Mrs. Sharon Dunne.  The Deputy Principal is Mrs. Fiona Kirby.