Each year, just before Halloween and Easter, the children participate in a Hunt around the school, using clues to find their surprise at the end of the trail. For the Halloween Hunt, the children and teachers dress up in their Halloween costume to add to the spooky and exciting atmosphere in the school, and at Easter, the children can make and wear their Easter bonnets or a favourite hat of their choice. The Hunts are a great way of incorporating different skills from the curriculum in to one fun activity. These skills include:
  • Math: counting, ordering, number formation, spatial awareness
  • Geography: sense of space, locational language, giving directions
  • History: communicating stories and traditions from different festivals
  • English: oral language & listening, decoding, handwriting
  • Gaeilge: Ócáidí Speiscialta
Here are a selection of photos from this year showing all the fun that we had during the Halloween and Easter Hunts!