In 2010 and again in 2015, the school received grants from the Department of Education & Skills to install Data projectors in each classroom and Interactive White Boards (IWB) in each classroom and Special Education Rooms.

Each classroom is also equipped with a visualiser to enlarge and project pages onto the IWB to encourage class discussion.  We also have a set of Activote Balls which is used as a fun resource to create interesting multiple choice class quizzes.  Each class teacher has their own iPad which can be projected to the IWB.  The Junior Infant classes also have a class camera to support teaching Aistear with regards to teaching, reviewing and reflection.

We have a set of class iPads, which are timetabled amongst the classes to support learning. As a safety precaution, the iPads are left in ‘Airplane’ mode so that our young children do not access anything inappropriate on the internet. They are updated throughout the school year.

​Children are not permitted to bring electronic equipment/games to school (e.g. mobile phone/iPads/Gameboys etc).  Due to their young age children are also not permitted to bring trading cards to school e.g. Match Attax/Pokemon cards etc.