Tús maith, leath na h-oibre

A good start is half the work!

Our mission in St. Sylvester’s Infant School is to provide an environment and experience that nurtures our pupils spiritually, physically, mentally, morally and socially which will encourage their interest in lifelong learning.

Our school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil, including their relationship with God, with other people and with the environment.

Our school recognizes the dignity and value of each person made in the image and likeness of God. This is reflected in the organisation of the school (including admission policies).

St. Sylvester’s Infant School seeks to cherish and challenge children in a safe, secure and attractive learning environment.  We aim to provide quality learning experiences that are engaging, enriching and enjoyable through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

The school sees itself as an integral part of the parish and in partnership with our parents/guardians and the church, seeks to nurture the Catholic faith through the ethos of the school, religious education and preparation for the Sacraments.  This ethos is best exemplified through the quality of all relationships in the school, which are based on dignity for each person: child, parent/guardian, teacher, principal, secretary, caretaker, SNA’s, cleaner and visitor to the school. Our full school Ethos statement can be viewed beside “Our Sacred Space” table.

St. Sylvester’s Infant School seeks to be a warm and welcoming place, respectful and accommodating of diversity in race, culture, religion, gender, ability and interests.  We strive to provide an inclusive environment responsive to the needs of all.  We aim to promote equality in all areas and to provide extra support for any pupil with a learning disability, difficulty or problem with the help of our Special Education Team.

Teaching children since 1856

We highly value our relationship with parents/guardians and the local community and seek to continue to work in partnership with parents/guardians to ensure the best interests of each child are provided for.
The school is a learning community.  We promote and value lifelong learning for all, including staff.  We urge parents to work in partnership with us, reinforcing for their children the shared values of home and school.

Many parents will testify to the merit of having a school devoted entirely to this young age group

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We are always keen to work alongside parents so please use this form to get in contact with us.  You can also contact us by telephone.  Walk in appointments are not possible at the moment due to Covid – 19 restrictions.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.