The Red Brick School building was built in 1856.  It is known locally as the ‘Red School’. Originally it catered for all the four to seven year old children in the Parish of Malahide.

In 1956 the white Infant School was built.

In 1985 the two schools were combined to form St. Sylvester’s Infant School.

In 1996 the Parish of Malahide was divided and the new Parish of Yellow Walls was constituted.  St. Sylvester’s Infant School belongs to the Yellow Walls catchment as defined by the boundaries of the Yellow Walls Parish.  After 1st class, our pupils transfer from St. Sylvester’s I.S. to Pope John Paul II Senior School.

In 2006. St. Sylvester’s Infant School was made up of 9 permanent and 3 temporary prefab classrooms. Due an increased enrolment, 3 more temporary classroom and 2 learning support prefabs were added on to the school in 2007.

The Principal, Mrs. Dunne,  had spent almost ten years campaigning to have the temporary prefabs replaced with permanent classrooms.

In 2015, the school finally received the good news from the Department of Education that a grant was being given to replace all the temporary classrooms with a singular school building. In 2016, the new extension to the school was completed.

Our school is now one of the most tastefully designed and well equipped infant schools in the country – situated beside the beautiful Malahide Castle grounds which provide us with interesting nature walks and sports facilities.

  • 15 Spacious Classrooms
  • 6 Special Education Rooms
  • A General Purpose Hall
  • Staff Room
  • WiFi & Interactive Boards in every classroom
  • We are well equipped with IT resources such as iPads and Beebots
  • Two Play Areas: one specially for Junior Infants and a separate area for Senior and First classes
  • School Library
  • School garden, orchard and outdoor classroom