8:50am                    School is officially opened for 1st class pupils

9.00am                    School is officially opened for junior infant pupils

9.10am                    School is officially opened for senior infant pupils

For insurance reasons, children are not allowed to enter the building before this time.  In the case of inclement weather, those bringing their child to school are encouraged to wait in their cars or bring umbrellas to the school yard.  The school will not be open for pupils before their opening times.

10:15am                 1st Class small yard

10.30am                 Senior Infant/Junior Infant small yard

11.40am                    1st Class big yard

12.10am                    Senior Infant/Junior Infant big yard

Children are permitted to eat lunch in their classrooms. If the weather is wet, all pupils stay in their classrooms.

1.30pm                    Closing time for 1st class pupils

1.40pm                    Closing time for junior infant pupils

1.50pm                    Closing time for senior infant pupils

School closes at 11.30 on the day before school holidays (Christmas, Easter, Summer). Parents/Guardians will be notified in advance.

The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for children arriving before the official opening time or remaining in the school grounds after official closing time.

Parents of New Junior Infants – Please Note:

For the first three weeks of September The Board of Management has decided that each Junior Infant class teacher is supported by a member of the Special Education Team at dismissal time as the class is escorted to their numbered line in the dismissal area of the junior school yard. There are staggered dismissal times in operation for both the schools in Malahide, i.e St. Sylvester’s and . St. Oliver Plunket’s where Junior Infants finish at 11.30 am the first week, 12.00 the second week and 12.30 pm the third week to allow children to settle into the structure, rules and regulations of large classes and school life.

From the fourth week, Junior Infants will finish school at 1.40pm.  Those collecting children are asked to be extra vigilant when collecting their child at all times but particularly at this early stage when the school is a new environment for the pupils.